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REVIEW: The Hexenmal

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Fourth book in the area: Early Modern Times: Reformation and the Thirty Years War (1517-1648)

author: Deana Zinßmeister
Paperback: 510 pages
Publisher: Goldmann Verlag Language: 3 Edition (June 9, 2008)
Language: German
ISBN-10: 3442467055
ISBN-13: 978-3442467051
Product Dimensions: 18.6 x 11.8 x 3 6 cm

Again a book, the blurb did not read it, because it is almost anticipate everything that happens in the book. Do not worry, I will not tell you: Indeed, the book begins

with several, seemingly running side by side plots. Here you get to know the following figures:

- Catherine, her sister dies in childbirth and whose husband is to marry her now. She never wanted anything but to emulate the Holy Elizabeth.
- Burghard, a young Franciscan monk, who with his brother is a member Servatius go. Unfortunately, nothing of the lives Servatius, which includes the teaching of St. Francis of Assisi.
- Johann, son of a wealthy farmer who falls in love with the maid Franziska - even though he knows that endorse no one in his family would love this.
- Anna, married that once a man who comforted her away at the death of their parents, but now emerges as a tyrant and legacy hunters.

The characters live in different places in Thuringia in 1617, shortly before the start of the Thirty Years War. Time the reader has been following developments in the one, sometimes in another - first towards the end of the book is where all the plot lines.

My opinion:
Those who expect a book about witch hunts, is fooled by the title. No idea who the effective re-pasted to the book sale added. In fact, the story is about the persecution of witches just a plot line of many.

Zinßmeister tears with their very different Figueres very different problems of the times: the Reformation, the role of women, class differences, superstition and the beginning of enlightenment.

Especially the latter is struck me very possitive: time not a book to the rush all at once on a supposed witch, but there are also people who think, question, stop. That's the book for me makes it very believable and complex. Although once again pointed out the paradoxical fact is that anyone who defended a witch, could only be bewitched by her. A seemingly hopeless situation in this period, automatically implies the question: How should I act?

was interesting, I also like the stories of a move to another, in a real circuit, which always takes place literally close to all come together.
Zinßmeister sometimes goes back in their descriptions and again a minute to examine the events from a different perspective, which I have not read it, but found an interesting variation.

a point deduction but I had to give some wooden language that has sometimes acted strangely emotionless. This dialogue is conducted, which sometimes placed appeared. Or I find that the only way?

is now also published a follow-Band: The Witches Tower, I'm going to get in any case too.

complex, well-researched picture of the eve of the Thirty Years War. Gave me back a taste for more historical.


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